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    Carla Stellini Lundstrom (Thursday, 02 January 2014 19:48)

    I visited St. Vincent's again in June 2013. This time, we spent most days working with Mama Lucy and staff on organizational matters. But any free time we had was spent with the children at the rescue center. They are such amazing kids. Each and every one of them is so unique and so wonderful! Our goodbyes were extremely difficult. There is no easy way to leave Kibera ... unless you know you'll be back again very soon!

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    Carla Stellini Lundstrom (Wednesday, 25 September 2013 17:05)

    Our second trip to Kibera was even better than the first! There was nothing to get used to this time - so we were able to hit the ground running. And so we did. I cannot thank enough the Kiberans - who opened their homes and hearts to us. And the children ... we took their spirit home with us!

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    Sr. Stella Sabina (Tuesday, 27 November 2012 02:31)

    Mukyala Lucy Kayiwa is a great selfless human being. Her kindness cannot be measured. I don't know how she does what she does.I pray that God continues to bless her with everything she needs to do this work.

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    Andrew Macharia- Dallas TX (Wednesday, 25 May 2011 23:00)

    I visited this home on April 17th 2011 and had a wonderful time with the kids and their support staff. It was great to see that in the heart of Kibira slums there is a group of people who are genuinely dedicated to provide selfless service to the neediest children. Special thanks to Mama Lucy, Grace, Edwin and Thomas who I met during my visit and for the good work they are doing. Personally I encourage you to donate to this home with confidence that these children are receiving a quality education and care. God bless you. Andrew

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    Ms Ibolya (Ibi) Losoncz (Thursday, 19 May 2011 00:56)

    I had a most wonderful and rewarding time working at the nursery school as a part-time volunteer in early 2011. I undertook this opportunity to gain some background information for my PhD thesis on the experiences of refugees in Africa. I was much impressed and humbled by the dedication, commitment, energy and love of all the teachers and staff, including local and international volunteers. It was a wonderful learning experience and opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences. But this is not about us; it is about the children. Children from the most difficult, complex and impoverished circumstances given this critical opportunity to learn, develop and realize their potentials in a loving, caring and supportive environment. Lucy, Miriam, Grace, Edwin and all the staff and children – thank you so much for having me and my best wishes for a bright future to all of you.

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    Carla Stellini Lundstrom (Sunday, 07 November 2010 21:36)

    I visited St Vincent's in June 2010. Life in Kibera is not easy. Children, in particular, struggle to survive and thrive. The nursery school and rescue center give children a chance. The teachers and staff are dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for the children and there are volunteers who are equally committed to St Vincent's. Many thanks to all of you at St Vincent's. Lucy Kayiwa, you are an amazing lady - tough on the outside with a heart of gold. Grace - bless you for your work at the rescue center. Nursery school teachers and staff - you are incredible! SVPCDO Board - you run such a valuable organization. Edwin and Henry - thank you for everything - for being there for us on our trip and for being there always for the children. You two must have wings!

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    Diane Yongue (Tuesday, 13 July 2010 06:02)

    Visiting the nursery school and rescue centre was an amazing experience. The dedication of Lucy and the entire group of teachers and volunteers that help to run, maintain and nurture the programs and children of Kibera are special people.
    My heart has been touched by the children of Kibera and the hope they have for a brighter future because of St. Vincent's.
    I look forward to my next visit!

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    Christina Stellini (Wednesday, 07 July 2010 20:53)

    We had a wonderful time visiting the nursery school and rescue centre during our short time in Kibera. The school and centre are providing critical support to orphans and vulnerable children in Kibera. Thanks to Lucy, Henry, Edwin, Mary, Grace, all of the teachers, and of course all of the children for making our stay such a special one!

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    Magdalena Achieng (Wednesday, 06 January 2010 11:06)

    happy new year!
    And all the best for 2010.
    I miss you big, my friends in Kibera.