Girls & Boys Scholarship Program

From pre-school all the way up thru college, St. Vincent's is supporting vulnerable children to obtain an education. In addition to our Nursery School and Rescue Center programs, in 2018 St. Vincent's is providing scholarships to 23 children. 


We identify the most vulnerable children and families and help them to pay for school fees and other costs so that their children can be enrolled and stay in school. Scholarships cover tuition, textbooks, registration fees and school supplies. This support is a huge assistance to households; it helps keep children in the family while also ensuring continued access to education.  


Among the children we support are four aspiring vulnerable girls from Kibera who are obtaining a college education - an extremely rare opportunity for girls here. Indeed, just 42% of girls even reach secondary school here. Two of the girls are nursing students at the Kenya Medical Training College, while two of the girls are pursuing their Bachelors at universities in Nairobi. These promising girls have been selected by St. Vincent's based on their need, their dedication to the community and their drive to achieve their goals.

Become a Student Sponsor in 2018

For $30/month, you can sponsor a scholarship for one of St. Vincent's students. Your monthly donation will support school fees, textbooks, school supplies and transport to school. You will receive the name, picture and brief bio of the student you sponsor. Twice a year, you will receive an update from St. Vincent's on its scholarship program. Click here to sign up to become a scholarship sponsor.