Our Programs

Our complementary programs are designed to provide holistic support to the most vulnerable families in Kibera. We create opportunities and offer resources that unlock children's full potential in life.

Early Childhood Development

Through our community Nursery School, we reach 85 children ages 3-7 years old each year. We give them a head start in life by offering a range of services in a protective and nurturing environment.

Scholarship Program

Our program is different than many others in Kenya. We find the children most in need and support their full education cycle, offering scholarships from primary through university. 

Rescue Centre

The Rescue Centre goes beyond providing a home to children in need of shelter free from abuse and neglect.  We address children’s complex needs, providing access to education, healthcare, counseling, and a loving environment. 

Parent Empowerment & Support

We create a safety net for families, especially single mothers, and empower them to better care for their children. Our approach ensures parents can be active decision makers in the issues that most affect them.